C15 – Coronavirus Health Alert #10 and #11

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Kampala (April 6, 2020)

Location:  Uganda

Event:  There are 52 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in Uganda according to the Ministry of Health. 

Since the closure of Entebbe International Airport on March 23, the U.S. Embassy has worked with the Government of Uganda to allow for two special commercial flights through Qatar Airways to assist U.S. citizens wanting to depart Uganda.   

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy, Nairobi (April 5, 2020)

Location:  Kenya 

Event: As of April 6, 2020 there are 158 confirmed cases COVID-19 throughout Kenya.  Movement is restricted in and out of Nairobi Metropolitan Area starting 7pm tonight, April 6, for 21 days. Similar restrictions will apply to Kilifi, Kwale, and Mombasa counties beginning at 7 pm on Wednesday, April 8. Restrictions will be supervised by Kenyan police. Movement within these areas outside curfew hours is allowed if people follow directives to wear masks and practice social distance.

C11 – Coronavirus Health Alert #7 and #8

Message for U.S. Citizens: Suspension of International Flights Effective Midnight, March 25th
Reply-To: enrolledinkenya@state.gov

Message Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Kampala (March 22, 2020)
Reply-To: Kampala, USCitizens

The Government of Uganda has announced . . . No individual will be allowed to enter Uganda by air, land, or water except for specific cargo vehicles which must follow strict Ministry of Health procedures.  Further, the Ugandan Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in Entebbe, Uganda on March 21, 2020. 

C7 – Coronavirus Health Alert #4

Health Aler for U.S. Citizens
Reply-To: enrolledinkenya@state.gov

Health Alert for U.S. Citizens
March 16, 2020

Location:  Kenya

Event:  The government of Kenya has implemented enhanced screening and quarantine measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Travelers should be prepared for travel restrictions to be put into effect with little or no advance notice.

On March 15, the Kenya Ministry of Health announced three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nairobi.  

On March 15, President Kenyatta released a directive regarding the potential for COVID-19 in Kenya.  The government of Kenya released the following guidance effective March 17 and will remain in effect for the next 30 days:

·       The government of Kenya is suspending travel for all persons coming into Kenya from any country with reported Coronavirus cases.

       Only Kenyan citizens, and any foreigners with valid residence permits, will be allowed to enter the country provided they self-quarantine or quarantine in a government-designated facility.

·       All persons who have come into Kenya in the last 14 days must self-quarantine. If any person exhibits symptoms such as cough or fever they should present themselves to the nearest health facility for testing.

A full transcript of the directive is available on the Kenya Ministry of Health website.  

The government has implemented quarantines in Kenya.  Transportation to or from Kenya, and public services including schools and government offices are restricted or closed.  Private companies – including hotels, apartment buildings, or supermarkets – have restricted access. Effective Wednesday, March 18th, personal travel for U.S. government personnel will be limited to a 2-hour driving radius from their residence (Nairobi, Kisumu or Kericho). Personal travel by train or airplane in Kenya will also be restricted until further notice.

Actions to Take

·       Visit the Kenyan Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 website for updated information.

·       Consult the CDC website for the most up-to-date information.

C1 – Coronavirus Health Alert #1

This email from the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi came in my inbox early this morning.
I’ve added an additional category to the blog: Coronavirus. The hope is that I won’t have to use it with any frequency.

The sentence of most concern reads, “Travelers should be prepared for travel restrictions to be put into effect with little or no advance notice.”

I’m still in the process of following up on all the links provided in the email. I have to say, I’m a bit worried.