123. ReSTART

This is an attempt to begin again. Practice inserting an image: Practice replacing the image: Practice inserting a video: It’s been a year since I’ve worked on this. I’ve forgotten EVERYTHING! Hmm. This is how to insert a 2.5 minute video. Timing how long it takes to upload. Our lodge (a treehouse on stilts) in … Read more 123. ReSTART

118. Friday’s Flyer: Masai Ostrich

Masai Ostrich * The Masai Ostrich, also known as the Pink-Necked Ostrich or the East African Ostrich, is one of the 4 species of ostriches. It’s found in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia. It is one of the largest birds in the world, second only to the Northern-African Ostrich.It has loose, soft, smooth feathers, which are … Read more 118. Friday’s Flyer: Masai Ostrich

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