115. Maasai Beadwork

When one thinks of Maasai decorative beading, it’s probably safe to assume that colorful jewelry is the first thing that comes to mind.
Alas, jewelry is not my thing.
I’m more inclined to find a souvenir or two where the famous Maasai beading is meant to decorate an item rather than decorate me. Here are examples of just such decorated items.

Source: Etsy, The Maasai Shop

Although chokers and string bead necklaces are common in Kenya markets, the truly classic Maasai necklace is the very elaborate wedding necklace.

The beautiful wedding necklace shown here is offered at The Maasai Shop on Etsy as of the date of this posting.

Source: Witherells, Great Finds, Exceptional Deals

A beaded necklace, even a more conservative one, is nothing I’d ever wear. But there is no denying, it’s a work of art.
The moment I saw this framed necklace, I reconsidered my souvenir list. Maybe I’ll be tempted when I visit the open markets in Nairobi.