77. Head Coverings

I purchased this hat at a local marketplace about a year ago, right after I first started making plans to visit Africa. The hat can be smashed into a suitcase, and when retrieved, springs back to life again, as good as new.

It provides protection from the hot equatorial sun. The chin strap will keep it from blowing away if the breezes get too strong during an open air safari ride.

Basically, it’s a gardener’s sun hat. I’ve name it Kivuli.

Kenya and Uganda might straddle the equator, but it can get very chilly indeed. I’ve been told the nights can cool down, even if the temperatures are high during the day. I ordered this knit beanie to protect against the lower temperatures while I sleep. The beanie has a rechargeable LED light. No stumbling over things if I should need to get up in the middle of the night.

And finally, there’s this thing – called a BUFF®.

It’s a seamless, light-weight (1.2 ounces), ultra stretchable tube, recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. Buffs contain 100% recycled microfibers which are made from two plastic water bottles that have been removed from oceans and landfills.

It can be worn as a neck wrap or a skull cap to keep in the warmth, a face mask to keep out the dust or a headband to manage a bad hair day.

It will be interesting to see if I ever really use it.

purchased in preparation for the Kenya/Uganda trip
(some I may use again, some probably not)

utility work gloves
nylon gaiters
Money Belt
Humangear GoTubbs
hiking boots
water shoes
wide brimmed hat
knit beanie with light