60. Keep ’em On My Toes

Gorilla Trekking Boots

Last month, before REI closed its retail stores due to the Coronavirus, I visited its shoe department and tried on a number of hiking boots. It took 8 different brands before I found a comfortable boot, but the cost stopped me from taking a pair home.

This month, online sales cut the cost in half. Still, it’s a pricey purchase considering I may never use them. (Kenya has closed its borders.) The boots arrived a few days ago. Thinking that I ought to break them in, I’ve been wearing the boots around the house. They’re very comfortable, so the breaking in stage doesn’t really seem necessary.

After a Long Day on the Savanna

Linda and I plan to make use of the swimming pools at a couple of camps while on safari.
I’m not a flip-flop fan, but I’ll be wanting some sort of footwear as I walk from tent to pool and back.
Water shoes seem like a good choice.

They’re soft, light weight, pull on easily and fold into a flat, small bundle. I question whether they’ll last more than a season, but for my purposes, that’s not a worry.

After soaking them in the sink, I hung them to dry in the shower. Next morning they were dry inside and out.

A Safari Necessity

Yes, these are a must. AfriSocks!

purchased in preparation for the Kenya/Uganda trip
(some I may use again, some probably not)

utility work gloves
nylon gaiters
Money Belt
Humangear GoTubbs
hiking boots
water shoes