54. Culture Smart! Kenya

If you locate Culture Smart! Kenya in Amazon’s book section, you will read that it “provides a cultural bridge that will carry you beyond the gloss of the hotels and deep into the warp and weft of everyday life; beyond the game parks and into the intricacies of community and wildlife coexistence; beyond the bounds of tourism and into the freedom of cultural understanding and exchange.”

Whoa! Someone really went Hollywood with that review.

In more realistic terms, what this little book actually is, is a simple introduction to Kenya’s history, geography, and culture, with some observations covering shopping, food, and wildlife safaris thrown into the mix. None of the topics is covered in depth, and Kenya’s political landscape, which apparently can’t be counted on to remain stable for long, could use a little updating. It is, however, a nice overview of all things Kenyan, with black and white photos peppered throughout the text.
If, like me, you’ve yet to visit Kenya, but will soon be on your way, this book appears to be a good start.

Warp and Weft? Had to look that up.

[in weaving] the crosswise threads on a loom over and under which other threads (the warp) are passed to make cloth.