53. Pop Open Bottles

A couple of years ago, I used two Humangear products to store items while traveling.

One of the smaller GoTubbs® was filled with liquid concealer (Gotta hide those dark bags!) and a second one with a pair of stud earrings. A larger GoTubb® was used for medication.
The fact that they can be opened with just one hand meant little to me at the time of purchase, but that feature has come in handy dozens of times. With a single-handed squeeze, they pop right open.

Today I ordered these Humangear GoToobs® with locking cap. They can sit on a flat surface or hang on a hook in the shower. And they’re leakproof (which I intend to test before I place them in my luggage) and TSA-approved (3.4 oz/100 ml).

Both GoToobs® and GoTubbs® are BPA-Free and PC-Free.

purchased in preparation for the Kenya/Uganda trip
(some I may use again, some probably not)

utility work gloves
nylon gaiters
Money Belt
Humangear GoTubbs