51. Mood Music

Image Source: Uganda Traditional Music and Dance, Kids Canada

Since a great soundtrack can help set the mood on a trip, I went in search of African/Kenya/Uganda music and dance sounds.
I found a large number of music videos from which to choose. Some I liked, some not so much.
Although this genre isn’t something I normally listen to, I discovered many pieces to add to my African Safari Playlist. Here’s a sampling.

Source African Skies, xXEpicMusicWorldXx, YouTube (Time: 4:17)

Source: Miriam Makeba Official Channel, YouTube (Time: 3:31)

Miriam Makeba (1932-2008), nicknamed Mama Africa, was a South African singer, songwriter, actress, United Nations goodwill ambassador, and civil rights activist.

Miriam Makeba performing in Italy, the night before she passed away

In 1965, she testified about apartheid before the United Nations. South Africa revoked her citizenship and she became a political exile until 1990. Makeba performed with artists such as The Cuban Brothers, The Skylarks, Harry Belafonte, Paul Simon, Nina Simone and Dizzy Gillespie.

Her music is available on this website.

Listen to how Cee-Roo blends the common everyday sounds of Kenya in with its music and song.

Source: Feel the Sounds of Kenya, Cee-Roo, YouTube (Time: 3:00)

Here’s a song from Uganda, “The Pearl of Africa.” It’s a tribute to mothers.
A loose translation is given at the bottom of this post, but the sound is enough to make you want to move.

Source: Banyabo REMA New Ugandan Music, RemaNamkula, YourTube (Time: 3:59)

I know. I know.
But I like it.
And, after all, it’s my playlist.

Source: The Lion King – “Circle of Life” from AFRICANIZED, Alex Boye, YouTube (Time: 5:55)

One hundred percent of the download proceeds from the album AFRICANIZED go to Koins for Kenya.
Since 2003 Koins for Kenya has provided ways for Americans to actively engage with rural Kenyans to provide countless educational opportunities. Rural Africans are given a chance to overcome the abject poverty that has held them hostage for generations.


She wakes up to feed the hens, she gest up so early, mama
She works and gets so tired.
She has to look after the young ones (the young ones).
School fees for studying and the books.
sometimes they don’t have.
Even finding something to eat is a battle.
She’s the one who struggles, the one who comes up with
where to sleep and what to eat.

A woman
They hold it in, they persever, they’re oppressed.
Eeeh, they work hard.

Independent woman
African woman.

Aahhhh, a woman.

If it wasn’t for a woman … I wouldn’t have been educated
I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t have learned a thing if it weren’t for mama
I wouldn’t have grown up.
If it wasn’t for a woman … I wouldn’t have been educated.
I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t have learned a thing if it weren’t for mama.
I wouldn’t have grown up.

While pregnant she imagines the long distance to the hospital.
She does’t even have enough money for transport.
She decides to walk the distance.
Sometimes she delivers on the road
Without anyone to help her out . . . she perseveres.

They persevere, they put up with a lot … the women.
The journey of bringing up a child is a long one.

A lady
They persevere … women. They’re determined.
Ooooh, they work.

It’s the woman, (if it wasn’t, if it wasn’t) ooooh if it wasn’t,
if it wasn’t for mama, weeeheee
I wouldn’t have been educated, eeew eh (I wouldn’t have learned.)
If it wasn’t for mama
I wouldn’t have grown up, I wouldn’t have.
If it wasn’t for a woman … I wouldn’t have been educated.
I wouldn’t , I wouldn’t have learned a thing if it weren’t for mama
I wouldn’t have grown up.

She sells cassava alongside the road … so that we can get school fees.
Sometimes she comes home without having got anything, poor woman.

She does everything that’s required at home.
The clothing expenses in addition to the hospital bills (Aaaah) mama works so so hard.
She’s so hardworking and mankind
She’s a woman of integrity, a mother (poor woman)
A Woman, my mama (eeew)

You’re my star

If it wasn’t for a woman, I wouldn’t have been educated …