38. Speaking of Money . . .

Although I don’t plan on purchasing much while in Kenya, I’m hoping we’ll have time to walk through the markets in Nairobi.
If we do, I’ll have a currency converter at the ready.
I’ll still keep track of the current conversion rate, as I’ve been known to accidentally press the wrong keys.

The free app I use (GlobeConvert) converts all sorts of things: currency, speed, length, temperature, time, cooking, radiation dose (yikes!), volume, weight, electric current, and more.

My advice to myself while purchasing an item: Slow down – and check it twice.

At the time of this writing,

1 Kenya Shilling = 0.0099 U.S. Dollars.
100 Kenya Shillings = .99¢

To do a mental calculation: Note the price in KSh. Then move the decimal point to the left two spaces. That’s approximately the cost in U.S. Dollars.