37. A Wearable Safe

I’m getting more forgetful as I grow older, and a lot more paranoid too – which is why I just purchased the travel item below.

Normally, I carry very little cash while on a trip. But circumstances are different this time, so I’ll be using an age-old safeguard: The Money Belt.

Here’s the situation. We’ll be using the services of a number of different people along the way: drivers, trackers, guides, spotters, porters, waiters, housekeeping staff and more. That means I’m going to need more small bills than I normally carry.
Since I’m not sure how easy it will be to get to an ATM in the middle of camp, I’ve decided to withdraw a greater amount of cash than I usually do.

Rather than leaving it all under the mattress while I’m out on safari, or in the safe and forgetting to retrieve it before I leave, I’ll wear my cash on me. The money belt is where I’m putting my passport and other essential documents as well.

It will be UNDER MY CLOTHES. I’m always a little taken aback when I see someone wearing a money belt outside her top. Seems like that reduces the security factor big time.

purchased in preparation for the Kenya/Uganda trip
(some I may use again, some probably not)

utility work gloves
nylon gaiters
Money Belt