16. Gaiters and Gloves

I’ve been told the items below are necessary for a comfortable gorilla trekking experience:
1. a pair of gaiters to keep little critters from crawling up your pant leg,
2. a pair of heavy duty gloves to eliminate cuts from thorny branches you might have to push out of your way.

These weren’t things I just happened to have in my dresser’s bottom drawer. They’re recent purchases.

I’m attempting to buy “speciality items” slowly, over the next six months in order to spread out the cost. Aside from a pair of hiking boots, most things are rather inexpensive, but when added all together – yee gads! So I’m acquiring the stuff a little at a time.

Update: This was my first attempt at composing and publishing a post from my cell. I had two goals. One was to enter text. The second was to post an image taken with my phone.
As it turned out, I had to use the computer to clean quite a bit of this up. I’m left with lots of questions.