14. Thoughts on Content

This morning I came across a post entitled Your Guide to Starting a Travel Blog in 2020. Blogger Brooke Saward shares tips that have contributed to the 8-year long success of her travel blog.

Many of her tips are aimed at bloggers looking to attract followers. This blog, which is meant to be a digital scrapbook, is to be shared solely with family and a small number of friends. Still, I was keen to read the entire post, as I do want the blog to be entertaining and of genuine interest to those who drop in, and not a familial obligation. Three of Saward’s suggestions hit home. She wrote . . .

Choose a good name for your blog.

“A good guide is to stick to under three words if possible and include a word that explains what your blog is about.”

I agree, but having tied my domain to my blog’s title, it’s a bit late to change now.

Break up your text with images.

This will strike a balance between photographic content and words. “Readers on the web are visual and you need to make it easy for them to maintain their attention.”

Write about the experiences you encounter on your journey.
“People resonate well with personal experiences more than they do a factual explanation of where you went.”
I hope to avoid the Lazy Traveler Blogging Style: Here-I-am-in-front-of-the-Eiffel-Tower, Here-I-am-standing-by-the-tall-obelisk, Here-I-am-entering-the-Lourve.

Clockwise from top: devising a way to remove thermo underwear in public, mingling with the crazies, eating Whatever-It-Is like a native, “coaxing” a train station locker to give up your luggage, having weather issues, arriving just as the museum closes

It’s often humorous situations, unavoidable disappointments, questionable foods, loony personalities, unpredictable weather, and nerve-racking predicaments that I remember with the greatest clarity. When I flash back to those situations, I’m reminded of what it felt like to have visited a place. Those stories, when shared on a travel blog, are the ones most likely to draw readers back for more.

Again, those tips and more can be found in the post Your Guide to Starting a Travel Blog in 2020. Thank you, Brooke Saward.