5. Out of Africa

We plan to visit the Karen Blixen Museum while in Nairobi.

Yesterday I read Blixen’s memoir, Out of Africa. I opened to the first page in the morning and didn’t go to sleep until I’d come to the end. It begins, “I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills .” It is that farm that we shall visit.

— Deeper into the book, she describes the flight made so famous by the movie. —

“To Denys Finch Hatton I owe what was, I think, the greatest, the most transporting pleasure of my life on the farm: I flew with him over Africa. . . You have tremendous views as you get up above the African highlands. Surprising combinations and changes of light and coloring. the rainbow on the green sunlit land, the gigantic upright clouds and big wild black storms all swing round you in a race and a dance. “

Source: Screen Themes, YouTube (Time: 3:29 – and worth it)

And then there’s one of my favorite lines:
“. . . You may at other times fly low enough to see the other animals on the plains, and to feel towards them as God did when he had just created them and before he had commissioned Adam to give them names.”